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News Faction Reset 12th August

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cry, Jul 29, 2017.

By Cry on Jul 29, 2017 at 4:40 PM
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    #1 Cry, Jul 29, 2017
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    Hey guys,

    Its this time when we are releasing the change log for the upcoming faction reset.

    Please note that an updated version which will go into more depth on certain features and possible extra features will be coming shortly

    This version is not final however this is what we have planned at the moment.

    Hope to see you all come reset.

    - Cry


    Royalty PvP Revamp
    Change log


    Reset : 12th August

    5PM EST

    10PM BST


    1# 500$

    2# 300$

    3# 200$

    Economy has been redone. It is now more balanced and more of a challenge to the player.

    Crop hoppers have now been added! These will collect any cactus dropped in the chunk they are placed! This now means that cactus has been re-added back the economy!


    /Shop now included some new items which previously were only obtainable through buycraft! For example
    Harvester Hoes
    Added TNT Refill Chests (link to forum post explaining how to use it)

    Players can start by adding either a trapped chest or normal chest (single or double) with the command /TnTRefill [addChest] They will then be prompted to left click their desired chest. These chest must be within their factions claimed land. It's just that easy!

    Now players may refill dispensers from any location with the command

    /TnTRefill [tntPerDispenser] [radius]

    Squid spawners have now been re-added!

    Creeper eggs which previous were only obtainable through controlling outpost are now available through /shop! However they are cheaper at outpost.

    All crates have now been revamped and more balanced and fairer for all players! Along with this they have now been renamed to Divine, Exalted and Royal. Spawners have now been removed from all crates except the voting crate!


    A new crate has now been added for the miners! This crate unlike previously where mining produced a variety of spawners, this now included anything from its own mob boss to ranks, shockwaves, spawners, money and other cool items for the player to enjoy! You can also find the rare silverfish disguise from this crate!

    Voting crates have now been revamped! These now include a variety of new items for the player to enjoy just by voting! This is all shown below!


    Villager Spawners have now been added! These are only obtainable from the new and re-added koth crates! You can also be gained by defeating the koth boss obtained through the koth crates! Villagers will drop emeralds upon death!

    Disguises have now been added! Donor ranks will only receive a select few however these will replace spawners in crates make the crates more player rewarding instead of faction rewarding. There will be some very unique disguises found in these crates.

    Koth Crates have now been added to replace the default items from koth. These will include a wider variety of items such as a koth mob boss and charged creeper eggs!

    Mob bosses have now been added! They contain interesting lores and very good loot! These are a challenge for the player to kill but rewarding! These are found by voting but also all crates and koths! This is just an example of one of the many which you can achieve this coming map!


    God apples now have a 1 minute cool down! This means the server is striving to be more PotPvP based for more enjoyable battles!

    Charged creepers have now been added to the server! They are achieved through controlling koth and opening the Koth crate!


    Creepers now have a small percentage of dropping Creeper eggs upon death! This means mean grinding creepers is more encouraged and rewarding than ever!

    Rock, Paper, Scissors has been added to royalty! This is a cool way to challenge for friends in a fun and addictive game mode!


    Chunk buster has been added! They are super rare but an amazing new feature! They have a 1 time use and once placed destroy all blocks in that chunk till bedrock. They can be found in the miner crate and on buycraft!


    There is a new auction house to replace the old! With this you can sell items, search for specific items for sale, see specific players items and much much more! There will be a video shortly explaining and showing this in more detail. For now this is an example


    Outpost is now changed! Outpost runs all week long but during the weekends, outpost sell prices are enhanced for better values!

    Weekly events will now be held and will be followed through! These will include raid events, kill staff events, capture koth for exclusive items and much much more!

    We’ve added a new addition to Factions! /f perks will allow the faction to purchase upgrades such as better spawn rates, growth rates, potion effects around your base and other cool and unique features!

    Spawners can now be upgraded, this can be done by using exp. By doing this you increase the spawn rate of the spawner itself increasing your yield.


    Along with the spawner upgrading spawners also now cannot be watered.


    There is now a duel system in place. This means you can fights involving Bets, givebacks and kits in a 1v1 system.

    Hope to see you all this coming reset


    Release times

    5PM EST

    10PM BST

    12th August


    Royalty Staff team

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cry, Jul 29, 2017.

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